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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 12, 2003

| Sunday, January 12, 2003
Today is Sunday. Today is the day we go home! Wooooo hooooo! Everyone slowly congregated in our room and recapped their previous nite. (At least those who didn't stay up all nite gambling or paying the mortgage of half the strippers in town!) Very amusing. Gotta love Vegas! We got packed and ready to hit the road for our drive back and Justin decided he had one good winning streak left so off we went to the casino. I played Wheel of Fortune and did pretty good. Justin was going for the red viper (needless to say, we didn't end up driving it home). We finally hit the road about 6pm, stopped for Mother Cluckers (yummy, chicken samiches) and then were off to Arizona. We had 38 pieced of luggage packed in Daniel's truck and 5 people - we were packed in like sardines and the truck let us know it. About 130 miles outside of Phoenix, we lost our transmission. All we had were 1st & 2nd gears so we ended up driving to Phoenix @ 43 mph! Not a good nite. Of course Justin had us laughing, Clay was figuring out our ETA every 5 miles, Daniel was stressing as he drove in 2nd gear and Linda and I just wanted to get the HELL HOME! We finally got to the house about 2am. Let it be known that this was the longest damn drive from Vegas in history.

Thank God we are home! JJ