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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 14, 2003

| Tuesday, January 14, 2003
Today I'm feeling a little better. Have to get back in the swing of things, have a few interviews that need to be knocked out this week and gotta get ready to head to LA next week to shoot IDOJ2. Gonna take it a little slow today though. Justin of course is going crazy trying to get the cast set, script done and everything else. Looks like Entertainment Tonight is coming to Scottsdale to do a piece on me....will fill in details when I get them all. Found out today that the piece I shot for Fox Magazine in Vegas will air the 26th of this month on the Fox Channel. (Check local listings) They said the stuff is awesome so I can't wait to see it. Also, make sure you all catch the Mr. Sterling episode this Friday nite. It's the first episode that I am in. :) I'll let you know when the next one airs. I am glad to be home. Once again, a big thanks for all the support and love from you guys.

It means a lot! JJ