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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 16, 2003

| Thursday, January 16, 2003 was insane! We booked an Entertainment Tonight Interview for today at my house. They are interviewing me about my career and basically everything I have ever done and will do... As well as a tour of the house. Well, we all know my house isn't even close to finished. We have had 10-15 people working on the house since like 6 am! Justin has been running around like a speed freak! It's funny how fast things actually get done when the pressure is on. The carpenter was flying... he got the whole cedar roof up in one closet and all the crown molding on in like 2 hours...makes you wonder. The place looks great, we are about 95% complete. My closet is basically done except for a few mirrors that are still on order. We are still waiting on my bath tub. WE had all the cabinets and drawer faces crackle finished in 3 of the bathrooms and they really didn't come out like we wanted. So now it's the "do we have them redone and have the painter invasion for a week...or keep our mouths shut and have them redone down the road" scenario. I am hiding the painters number so Justin can't call, LOL. But all in all everything is coming together nicely. The E.T interview went really well. We did 3 setups; by the pool, tour of the house, and the interview in my living room. We interviewed for about an hour! The show will be airing in February. It went really well, but I am glad it is over. Interviews are always stressful. You never have any clue what they are going to ask you and it sucks to be caught off guard. they always like asking me about my attraction to stars...A question that to me is stupid. I don't hear mainstream people getting asked whom they think is hot in the industry. Ok I am totally exhausted now and we haven't eaten yet today and its 8 pm. We are going out with Ricky , Daniel and Josh to have some sushi and karaoke. Have a great night!

Love always...JJ