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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 20, 2003

| Monday, January 20, 2003
I didn't sleep well last night. I hate nights of bad sleep. I wake up tired and grumpy. You know, those nights when you look at the clock every 15 minutes hoping to fall asleep, but it only happens like 3 hours before you need to get up. I hate sleeping when the guys get to the house to work. It looks bad and it gets me even more upset when I want to sleep and they are banging away in my closets. I want to just go back to bed and sleep all day. Why can't everyone just get one day a month when they do nothing but sleep? I mean, everyone deserves that. I know all of you have your hands full...from relationships and family. Life is taxing. Let's face it, everyone longs for the days when they were worries except to get your homework bills, no responsibilities. It's funny because when you are a kid you can't WAIT to be an adult want freedom and to be calling the shots. What a cruel cycle! I know why people go crazy and cant handle the pressures of life...responsibility is a bitch! LOL LOL. It's funny the people that never grow up and never accept responsibility, live on the beach are complacent, just getting by. They have the happiest life. Take your average surfer. No worries.. acunna mattataaa! They live for the waves... nothing else. They work just eneough to pay their rent, and buy beer...maybe some weed. Ok, definitely some weed lol. I haven't done a drug for soooo long I don't remember their names. I know wine!! More wine. I'm all brown bagging it, lol. You know what? I need to go back to bed..can ya tell???

Love ya, JJ