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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 29, 2003

| Wednesday, January 29, 2003
WOW - what a day today. Linda called this morning and said Entertainment Tonight called and wanted to interview me again for the 2-part segment they are running on me this Thursday and Friday. So, off I went to Paramount Studios. They were really awesome and they showed me the footage they shot at the house last week - very cool. They have been greally great and it's really fun to work with them. I went from Entertainment Tonight to the audio room of Mr. Sterling where I did some dialogue loops for my next appearance on the show. This has been such a fun show to be associated with! I'm hoping I'll get to do a couple more episodes - will let you know when I get the call! Tonite I hosted a party that Vivid threw celebrating the Pony Campaign. The billboard I shot for Pony was on the side of the club - pretty cool. I know Linda just got some copies of the ads for their campaign so we'll get them on the site ASAP. I'm heading to bed....tomorrow we start shooting again.

Nite, all! JJ