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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 03, 2003

| Monday, March 03, 2003
I am so glad I got to Los Angeles a day early. This will be a great day to get my nails and tanning done. The drive from Vegas yesterday went really fast. I think it took us a whole 4 hours to get from Vegas to LA. That's really and easy ride. From Phoenix it's about 5 hours. The hour difference make the ride a lot easier it seemed. We watched t Adam Sandler's new movie, Mr. Deeds, on the drive. The movie had some really funny parts. I really like Sander's work! Happy Gilmore is one of my favorite movies!!! I love being able to watch movies in the car. it really makes the ride go a lot faster. Justin just got done putting 8 TV's in the Escalade!! Ok, I think might be a bit of overkill! The truck is looks and sounds amazing. He has 2 dvd players in it as well as a Playstation 2. Daniel worked his butt off last week and got all the monitors installed. I Justin has lost his mind! Time to go shopping...adios!

Kisses, JJ