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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 10, 2003

| Monday, March 10, 2003
Ooooof my tooth is killing me! It's been hurting for awhile and I think I need a root canal. It got really bad after I performed a gold medal winning blow job on Justin last night!!!! Heheheee. That is one thing I really love doing...and it's even better if the guy is really into it. Justin loves em! I know that is a stupid comment...what guy doesn't like a great blow job? But I have known a few who really hated them... I really never understood that. Let's see you do nothing but sit there while a beautiful girl sucks you into oblivial bliss to the point where your toes curl into your feet, your eyes pop out of your head ..and you fall fast asleep into a deep nirvanac coma after you reach that point of complete oneness with the Oh, I can see how that can be excruciatingly painful...o h the torture...please no..not again..anything but a blow job! LOL. Ok, back to what tooth. I have an appointment at 3 to go get it fixed. I really hope that hey have gas and get me floating around the office. I hate getting work done on my teeth...Ok, maybe another dumb comment. Everyone hates getting work done on their teeth! I must have had a really bad reaction and/or experience with the dentist at a young age. As soon as they put that retched dental dam in my mouth the panic attack starts...first its the heart pounding and then the shortness of breath, followed by the sweaty palms ... it's all downhill from there. Ding time to get ready and go to the Dr. No Mercy!

Kisses, Jenna