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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 14, 2003

| Monday, April 14, 2003
My life has been a total freak fest lately. It seems I have a lot of crap being flung in my direction lately. Well, I guess I wouldn't call it crap... it's called work. LOL. I do have to admit, it has been a lot of fun work... but, movies tend to get a little tedious after awhile.

I used to love the fact that I had a lot of time in between the shooting of my movies, to build up the ecitement for the next filming... I certainly have been doing a lot back to back. Luckily, I have been working with a lot of great girls and awesome directors.

I am flying to LA thursday morning and going straight to a studio in Burbank to shoot an HBO special, from there I go to my hotel room to get re-made up for the Hustler induction/party. CRAZY!!!! I always get a little nervous before things like the Hustler induction, because all eyes are on me... at every moment! I guess I still have a little shyness left in me from my high school days... believe it or not! LOL

Once I get home on Friday night, I have to begin preparing for my big shoot for Vivid, starting the following tuesday. The script is so long, I can't even begin to tell you! But, I am extremely excited to put my acting skills to work again. I haven't worked for Paul Thomas since I was about nineteen... If you remember, I played a small role in a film he did called On Her Back. A little piece of trivia for you guys!

I am pretty sure Brianna has been cast as my girlfriend in the film, so my mouth is watering to get at her again! I need to teach her some manners! LOL Ok, I am off to bed, I hope this diary entery finds you all in happiness and good health, I love you!

Kisses, Jenna