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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 15, 2003

| Tuesday, April 15, 2003
We got the script for our next movie, The Masseuse. It's an 85 page script! This is going to be an incredible movie. Real acting. Justin and I were running lines. I was worried that maybe he wasn't able to pull it off..ha little did I know Mr. Sterling is a trained thespian! I had no idea, he was awesome! We are shooting the movie starting next week and it will take about 15 days to complete. That is a huge movie for adult. So, tonight we are having Justin's family over for dinner. I am making lasagna, mmm mmm mmm. The house is in total disarray, they are putting up the entertainment center in the family room, so all the furniture is on the patio. Justin is going crazy, lol. We got a new gym for the house that arrived this morning and a new bbq for the backyard. Today has been a bit busy to say the least. Back to slave away in the kitchen I go.

Hugs, JJ