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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 26, 2003

| Saturday, April 26, 2003
I'd just like to say - I HAD TODAY OFF! wooooo hooooo! Too bad Justin had to work today. lol He's pretty much in every scene so he's basically working every day of the shoot. Hey, that's the price of being a star! What do you think I did in LA on my day off.....I know you'll never guess so I'll tell you - I went a shoppin! I traipsed all over town and in & out of every store until I had my fill of shoes, purses, make-up whatever grabbed my eye. I also have a shoot/interview on Sunday with Business 2.0 Mag and needed to buy a suit for that so that and that was all the excuse I need. I hit Del Taco for a little nourishment (yummmyyyyy!) and I was ready! Justin worked pretty late so I'm going to fix him something to eat and help him relax a little. I have interviews tomorrow and am working with some of my favorite Vivid people so that'll be a fun day. Hope you are all well- we miss you!

Kisses, JJ