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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 07, 2003

| Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Well, everyone... I'm home! My shoot for Vivid was definately one of the most grueling movie shoots I have ever done... but one of the most rewarding. I'm sure most of you haven't seen the original Massuese, starring Hyapatia Lee. Neither had I, but once I saw the script I was sold, it was 90 pages long! That is about as long as most mainstream scripts. It was also a very normal character, I played... Which is out of the ordinary for me... seems like most directors want me to play a psycho. I wonder why...

Anyway, it went over very well, except for my ugly spill off the huge table, breaking my fall with my wrist and back... I thought I had definitely broken my wrist. But the heavens were shining upon me that day, and I was able to golf the next!

All of the set drama aside, I am extremely happy to be home for the few days here in AZ. I shoot tomorrow for the Fender guitar ad campaign. Since my Revolver Girl of the Year award, I seem to be being hailed as a rock chick! A badge I wear with pride!

Other news, my father and brother have moved back to AZ. I am so excited to have my family back in my life, makes me feel so much more complete. My dad has diabetes, so it is nice to have him close so I can keep an eye on him. Well, I guess I better go lay down and prepare for a fun filled day of flashes...

Love you, JJ