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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 21, 2003

| Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Ahhhh...getting ready for My E True Hollywood interviewing that starts tomorrow and ends on Saturday night of this week. It's always nerve wracking never knowing what the will ask you and what type of slant they will have on the piece. Tomorrow they are interviewing my dad and brother and then myself. On Friday they interview Linda, Justin and then myself again. Saturday is a fun day of them shooting me in the gym with my trainer Eric and then off to the mall for some shopping and dining! Oh...and of course more exciting interviews. So, today was pretty cool I got up early and worked out. Its great because Eric is coming to the house to help train me. it really makes a difference not having to go to the gym. The whole ordeal is extremely stressful.. I don't want to get recognized so I dress way down, wear a hat, and try to draw no attention. The problem is that by my second visit I am signing autographs. So, its hard to feel comfortable looking like a So, this is the perfect solution. Justin picked up some new fancy gym equipment for the house so we have everything we could ever need. Eric kicked my ass today..lots of jumping rope and supersets! The rest of the day I got to watch the gazillion workers try and finish up the last little stuff in the house. It's soo close to getting done I am sooooooooooooooo excited I can hardly stand it. All we really have left to finish are the closet floors, the metal columns for the entertainment center (which arrive next week), and to put my tub in! Time to go tan..

Love you all!!! JJ