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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 15, 2003

| Sunday, June 15, 2003
Well, these last couple of days have been super busy. I have been dealing with Brianna, who is going through a rough time... even though she is handling it with amazing strength, I know it must be hard for her. I mean I definitely know! I have been through so many crappy relationships, I should have my own talk show on the subject! Anyway, she is doing very well, and is looking forward to the CJ party we are throwing here in July. She keeps reminding me she is now single... I need to warn the poor men of Scottsdale that a beast named Brianna is now on the prowl.

This freedom could be a very good thing for her, not to mention her career. It always helps to be single, no problems to deal with when you gt home. So I wish her well, and I tell her every time I talk to her, I am there for her... no matter what! She went through a very rough time with Bobby, and she is certainly much stronger now because of it!

Kisses on your faces, JJ