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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 28, 2003

| Saturday, June 28, 2003
Ok...the nice cool weather is over! It's over 110 here today!! Dry heat my ass!!! Wooof, I went for a swim this morning , got out of the pool and was dry. Fortunately the weather last weekend was perfect for the wedding. We were sooo lucky. Today I am busy printing out photos on the printer. We had a lot of digital photos from everyone's cameras that we are pooling and organizing. We have one of those little HP printers that does 4X6 prints. They look unreal...but it is a bit slow. Printing directly from the card has double the resolution so we have been organizing the shots and reburn them onto a card and printing off of that..what a pain in the butt... but hey it keeps me out of the heat. Tonight I want to go see 28 days or Finding Nemo. I know total opposites...but it depends on my mood later. I loooove scary movies. On the other hand I am dying to see Nemo, I have heard such great reviews from everyone. Last night I stayed home and watched the UFC fights on Pay Per View! At times I think I am a dude. The fights were awesome. Tank Abbot got his butt kicked again in like 1 minute. He is total old school and needs to get with the times and learn at least how to defend against submissions. I was excited to see Shamrock fight, but he had some injury and didn't fight. The kid that replaced him was great... the fight was a draw. The main card was Liddell and Randy Couture. What a great fight, no one thought Randy would win, but... guess what. He rocked! I get all riled up watching...I get puff in and arm bar until she submits, LOL. Everyone I love you all and have an incredibly awesome night!

Kisses, JJ