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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 11, 2003

| Monday, August 11, 2003
Many different emotions came over me in the days prior to my premiere of "The Jenna Jameson True Hollywood Story". Number one, TERROR. I couldn't believe I spilled out my whole life in front of millions of people. Number two, relief. I finally got to tell it like it really is. Number three, disbelief. I never thought any mainstream venue would ever show our industry in a good light. And last but not least, happiness. I knew this was something I was going to be proud of.

On Sunday night I sat down in my living room with my father and brother and prepared to see my guts spilled on national television. My dad kept reassuring me that it was going to be fabulous, and I had nothing to worry about. But, I knew I did... I knew that if E! decided they were going to make this into a tragedy... the industry that I so love would be cast further into obscurity. After the first segment, the nerves started to subside... and I realized this was something that humanized me and the adult world. Although they sensationalized a few things, I thought it came off pretty well. I hope in the future, they continue to consider our industry to be more than just having sex on film, and a job that can catapult women into the seat of power.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for helping me out with this project! I would like to thank AVN and Mark Kernes for being so supportive, Joy King for being my right hand girl...TT boy for telling it like it is, Mark Davis for being so friggin’ cute, Briana for being my little protégée, Bobby Vitale for staying off the drugs :) , Steve Hirsh for being so eloquent, Judith Regan for realizing porn sells, Melissa Ann for letting me be her first, Vinny at the Crazy Horse for giving me a job at 17, The Fox Channel (Marvin Himelfarb AND Bill O’Reilly) for believing in my acting, Howard Stern for laughing with me and not at me, Linda Johnson for being my pseudo-sister and partner in crime, my dad for being there when I needed him, and my brother for being my best friend. Last but not least thanks to the love of my life, Jay. I've never been happier in my entire life... thanks to you! I hope everyone enjoyed the special!

I am doing the finishing touches on Bella Loves Jenna which will be released in November! Trust me, you don't want to miss this one....

Love ya, Jenna