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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 19, 2003

| Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Wow...holy end of the world! What is happening city black outs on the east warming through out the bombs taking out the UN building, and NO GAS IN PHOENIX! What the hell, we have no gas. We got back from Vegas Sunday night and noticed long lines at the gas stations. Justin noted that was odd. Unannounced to us was the fact that a major fuel line had been broken that served the Phoenix area. One by one the gas stations ran out of gas and the few that have mild reserves left are rationing it out to a maximum of $10 per person...which isn't very much when they are charging $2-$4 a gallon! Can you say price gouging!!! I love how when ever there is a scare of any type the fuel companies take it upon themselves to raise the price of gas regardless of the price per barrel! I would assume that there would be a direct correlation between the price of gas and the cost per crude barrel...silly me! I love how the government is keeping us in fear...fear so they can pass new laws and regulations to control the world...well actually just to control us! It's starting to get ridiculous, I could go on for hours...but I will spare you al my views on current situations. On a lighter note: Vegas was a blast this weekend. We drove out Friday night for the K1 championship fights at the Bellagio Hotel. What a blast! The fights were unreal. We then went to dinner at Nobu, at the Hard Rock. Nobu is one of my all time fav restaurants in Vegas. The food was its usual...AWESOME! We spent the remainder of the evening at the baccarat table... we won. Saturday we got up had some breakfast and then played black jack for the afternoon...we lost :( Went back up to the room and had crazy sex for an hour and then watched Both of which were incredible, lol. That evening we had dinner at AJ"s sucked! Then we played baccarat till 4 am...we won! Sunday, we picked up Neil, my writer for the book, and drove back to Phoenix and to the fuel shortage! Yesterday I interviewed for the whole entire f'ing day! Today the same. I had a Fox interview scheduled for this morning but, due to the Baghdad bombing they called and canceled it at 6:45 a m. It was for my billboard that goes up in Times Square today! yep, that's right...we put a Jenna billboard up in Times Square! Hopefully I will get to see it before the end of the world comes! Have a great day and enjoy the last days of existence!

Love and Hugs...JJ