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Jenna Jameson Diary : September 23, 2003

| Tuesday, September 23, 2003
I have some interviews to get done today. I am interviewing for W magazine and also for Men's Health today. I love both mags so this should be easy. yesterday was pretty funny. VH1 was here with Wendy Williams interviewing me for the day. She is pure crazy! Very funny. If you don't know her she is the most forwarded and shock valued interviewer around today. She is also one of the top radio personalities in NY. We took them all to the lake for the day. Well, it sounded good a month ago when we planned it. We took into consideration the weather, extended forecast said 95, and decided that we should get on the lake about 9-9:30 am. Ok, all that being said, it was the record high for that day, 107, and we got to the lake late- 12 noon! They were dying! OOOOOPS! shit happens. Poor Wendy's husband pass out from the heat- and maybe the big ass blunt he was smoking! We all had fun and even got to ski!

Luv, Jenna