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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 13, 2003

| Monday, October 13, 2003
I am still recovering form Justin's BDay! Yesterday a bunch of us went out on the motorcyles and cruised for the day. To end the evening we went and watched Joe Rogan do his stand up at the Improv in Tempe. He was absolutely hysterical!!!!!! Probably the best stand up comedian I have ever seen. After the show we had a few drinks with Joe and then headed over to our friends bar Cat Eye for one last drink at our fav bar.... the Cat Eye was closing and this was it's last night in biz. It was a sad occasion. Our friend Todd owns it and made the decision to close based on various lease problems... sad sad sad. Todd opened a new bar called SKIN, a great strip bar, so now we relocate our fav hang out to there. I never drink too much , but hey it was Justin's bday and we tied one on! I still have a headache,lol. These are the days I feel old! Time for some advil..

Luv ya. JJ