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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 16, 2003

| Thursday, October 16, 2003
Back on the road again. We are off this morning to LA. We are driving...who knows why bc we are only there till Saturday. WE just got a new Range Rover so Justin wants to take it for a drive! We are rotating old cars out and getting new cars in. We are selling the Viper, the Escaade, and 2 of the motorcycles. I think the CTS and the Mercedes CL will go as well. We have way tooo many cars. Justin finds a great deal on a car and buys it..but we never sell any of the old ones. We got a new Maserati this week also, woohooooo! Now that is the car I claim as mine! When Justin told me he bought it I didnt think I would like it. I never liked the old style Maseratis. This new one is awesome!!!! I will get some pix posted of it. It really is cool...and extremely fast. We got a moroon one with cream and maroon interior. It has the F1 racing shifting only. It took me a few drives to get used to it, but now I love that style and it's kinda fun. Ok, geese I sound like a guy talking about cars... I love cars what can I say. Anyways, today we are off to Los Angeles to reshoot my billboard shot and to shoot my Fender tomorrow and I am doing another segment for VH1 this afternoon when we get in. I 'll let you kno whow the rover drives! Let me know if anyone wants to buy a car, LOL.

Love, JJ