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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 08, 2003

| Saturday, February 08, 2003
Had a GREAT night sleep and I am off to set. I hope today goes smoothly...if it does I should be out early and will be able to have a nice evening. We are shooting at a studio in North Hollywood. Chi Chi La Rue is direction, so it should be fun. He is really funny to shoot with. He is a great director and the best looking 275Lb drag queen in LA, lol. So, Daniel and I are off to a wonderful day of shooting!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : Febuary 07, 2003

| Friday, February 07, 2003
I have to hustle today and get ready for my VIVID shoot in LA this weekend. I caught up on rest this week and feel really good. I need to get my hair and nails done, tan, and pack today! My hairdresser, Christy, squeezed me in...Thank God! That’s at 11:30 and then I will go get a manicure and pedicure immediately after. We left the Mercedes in LA and drove back the truck. So, I am flying over with Daniel, my 2nd assistant (lol), and then we will pick up the car shoot all weekend do my body scan on Monday for my new action figure, shoot for Stance magazine on Tuesday and then drive home Tuesday night. I got tired just typing all of that. Shoot, it's 11:20 ..I have to run...........

Kisses and Hugs to everyone! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 06, 2003

| Thursday, February 06, 2003
I am in a I am pooped. I just shot for 2 weeks and I am whooped. Some one call a medic... My plan for today is to be as still a possible, maybe take a bath, read a book...moving my eyes slowly, and pet the dogs! Justin is in the edit bay already cutting the stuff we shot. I think he is addicted to work. He needs to see a shrink. Maybe they can give a group rate for he, Linda, and Moe..ok, Ricky and Josh as well. Heck, why not just have the therapist come to the office once a week and hold the session there. Perfect! I am really happy with everything we was truly amazing in every way. The sex was so F'ing hot, the girls and guys were beautiful, the costumes and the wardrobe were absolutely smashing baby... and the sets, lighting and cam work ...OUTSTANDING! I can't decide what scene was the best, truthfully. I am really really happy...ok, back to my coma I go.

Zzz zzz zzz .JJ.

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 04, 2003

| Tuesday, February 04, 2003
We got back home at 1 am. We got stuck in nasty Los Angeles traffic. We started out after we had a late lunch with TTBoy. Our normal 6 hour drive took us over 8! What's up with LA traffic? It gets worse every time we are there. It 's getting to the point where we need to get a hotel within 2 miles of the location we are shooting just to make it on time. If we stay in the valley and have to go to Hollywood and /or LA to shoot for a 9 am call time, we need to leave at least 1 1/2 before! 1 1/2 to go a whole 20 miles at he most. Then you think, "Ah, at least there won't be any traffic when we leave tonight at 11pm..." ahhhahaaa wrong again..BAMM TRAFFIC! No matter what time you are driving you are bound to run into traffic in LA.. I don't know how people deal with it everyday. I think I would go nuts. Who wants to spend 3 hours a day in a car driving to work? It just seems like such a waste of time. I feel sorry for people with families that have to do the traffic thing everyday... Imagine if they had those extra 15 hours a week to spend with there kids. It's really bad when both parents are working and have to deal with it. Times are really changing. The double income homes are becoming more and more common and almost a staple of our society. Parents need 2 jobs just to stay afloat...and the family suffers as a result. The parents rely on the computer, TV, and /or the videos games to baby-sit their kids. That’s not healthy. That’s why we are having problems with our kids. The family unit is slowly getting diluted into cohabitants in a home. I remember when I was a kid..I was outside playing non-stop. I would beg my dad to let me go play. Nowadays you have to pay your kid to go outside! Kids don't go out and play anymore their thumbs are the only things that get exercised. It's sad. The pressures of society to get ahead are destroying the very core that is America... Parents punish their kids and send them to their room...where they have every toy imaginable! Want to punish them send them outside and make them ride a bike, lol. Wow, did I get on a tangent or what! Sorry..the venting is now ending....

Give someone a hug! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 02, 2003

| Sunday, February 02, 2003
WOW. We are finished shooting (at least for this week.) Yesterday was awesome....we shot at an old hospital. It was haunted and very freaky. They actually shot some scenes with Freddy Kruger at this place. I did a scene with Monica Sweetheart and another with Olivia del Rio, Tianni Kai and Ava Vincent. My last scene was with Belladonna. We shot Belladonna with Nacho and Anthony shot with Monica. The day was CRAZY! The sets were totally amazing and totally whacked out - Justin lost his mind! It was like being on a Greg Dark set. We shot in one room that was burned down, we shot in the boiler room and in various hallways. The Nacho/Belladonna scene was one of the best boy/girl scenes I have seen in my life. And my scene with Bella was on of the best, if not the best, that I have ever done. She is an amazing performer....I think I have a thing for her. She really is a little hottie. Unfortunately, out scene was last up and we had to really hurry through it but it looked awesome. I will try and get some behind the scenes pics up asap. Today I will be packing and getting ready to head home for some R&R. I NEED TO BE BACK IN LA ON FRIDAY! Ugggghhhhhh! I AM contemplating just staying here for the rest of the week. I really want to get home but I hate going back and forth. Yuck! Why can't they develop a transporter - hey, we have the technology! lol Decisions, decisions.....I'll go to breakfast @ Bobby's and decide after....hehehe YUM, YUM!

Kisses, JJ