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Jenna Jameson Diary : May 29, 2003

| Thursday, May 29, 2003
Boy I have been in a raspy mood lately... I feel like ripping eyes from skulls right now. My photoshoots cancelled next week for the Box to Bella Loves Jenna, because we are having trouble getting ahold of Bella... I know she was on KSEX last night, so it's not like she has disappeared off the face of this planet. Maybe I need to call her instead of Moe... She seems to respond well to me:)

I have been posting in the forum for the past few days like a madman, and that has helped ease some of my tension... I also worked out with my trainer again yesterday... I think he likes to see me in pain! Masochistic butthead! :)

I am going to go get my nails done today and try to relax, if not Jay may end up dragging bloody stumps behind him to the gym! LOL. Just a quick update on my lobster ass... well, shit, it's still red... I am a whitegirl to the bone! LOL

Luv ya.. JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : May 27, 2003

| Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Well, I had a nice relaxing day yesterday... Jay and I went out on the boat and spent hours and hours just lounging in the sun. Not to mention him trying to do a hundred miles per hour around the lake! I made sure a slathered on 80 pounds of sun screen, because the Arizona sun can be brutal. But, by the end of the day I felt a little tender AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! A few hours later I looked like a human crustacean. I am now nursing my badly burned buttocks! I can barely sit down!

And then on top of it, I thought I was gonna be tough and try to water ski in the majorly choppy water. There were hundreds of boats out there since it was Memorial day weekend... which makes for lots of waves in the water!

I got out there and braved the choppy lake, but ended up nearly ripping my arms out of their sockets! LOL. Needless to say, I bombed on the skiing attempt! I am going to go and rub some aloe on my kentucky friend skin!

I love you guys! JJ