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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 24, 2004

| Friday, December 24, 2004
up early early early... it's family photo time! We are doing a morning of family photos and then back to malls for more shopping...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am almost done with my shopping. The malls have been packed! Jay went last night and said it was not bad at all. He has been out shopping twice and has had 0 waits at the check out! How is that possible, I go and its insanity. I have 0 energy and it's making it tuff to shop...when I don't want to shop you know I am not feeling well. I am hoping I will start getting more energy soon. I am hopping on the treadmill to build back up some stamina. Ok, off to shower and get ready... I hope everyone has an awesome day and an incredible Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all of you, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 21, 2004

| Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Yesterday was the first day I got to do some Xmas shopping...AHHH!! I think that should sum it up nicely! The malls were a zoo. I took Duane with me to help parry the crowds. I thought it would be better to go on Monday then the weekend. I really don't think either were right. It was really slammed and to top it off not a lot of stuff in the malls. The stores are getting picked clean. Our economy in Phoenix is still doing very well, I think we are the top in the country. I know we have the largest growth rate and we are the 5th largest city in the country... I know it's hard to believe. I love telling people that and they argue with me, lol. MORONS!

So, back to shopping, which usually is one of my fav things... I have not even put a dent in my Christmas list. Our list is not super huge, but it still all adds up. I know we are handing out a few gift cards, which always helps. I guess the Visa Gift Card is a very popular item this year. It really is a smart gift for those that never like what you get them and would also rather double their prizes with the added discounts after Christmas. You really have to be careful with the Gift cards..some places have some nasty hidden fees... kind of takes away from the holiday cheer. Oh how capitalism and greed leave their marks on the holidays! Today I will be back at the stores trying to cross off another chunk of the list. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Cuddles, hugs and a free line pass at the register to all!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 20, 2004

| Monday, December 20, 2004
A Prayer For The Stressed. Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

Help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow. Help me to always give 100% at work: 12% on Monday, 23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday. Help me to remember that when I'm having a really bad day, and it may seem that people are trying to piss me off, that it takes 42 muscles to frown, and only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me.

Amen, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 17, 2004

| Friday, December 17, 2004
This month has been really rough. I haven't written in my diary for a little bit, because I was trying to gather my thoughts. Well, I will start at the beginning. As you know from my prior diary entries, I get regular facials and skin treatments with a great dermatologist here in AZ. Well, I went in to her office in early November and she was looking at my back, and said she wanted to remove one of my moles because it looked irregular. I reluctantly agreed to have her do it... because I am deathly afraid of cancer since my mother died at such an early age of melignant melanoma that formed out of a mole on her shoulder... the same place my irregular mole was. So, she removes it and sent it to pathology... and then I played the waiting game. I jetted off to NY to shoot 2 very important shoots for Elite and then returned home a week later. I called my dermatologist straight away. She said, no results yet. A feeling of dread came over me... why was it taking so long? About a week later... 3 days before Thanksgiving the call came in... I had malignant melanoma. I cried. I silenced. I cried. I hid. I cried.

It wasn't my time.... I called DR Fisher, my close true friend... and he said he will do the surgery to remove the surrounding skin of the malignancy on December 2nd. I had about a week to freak out. But, I really didn't... I was just still. The worst was telling my father. He had nursed my mother while she was ill, and watched her die. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to do... listen to my father break down was too much for me.

Finally the day came around and I went in... I am now recovering and my pathology came back all clear... Thank god!

I am sporting a 5 inch scar on my right shoulder, but I am now cancer free. I am feeling better physically and I have even quit smoking!!! I haven't had a ciggy in 3 weeks! I now have to watch myself and take very good care, so I don't ever have to deal with this again.

That's my story...... JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : December 04, 2004

| Saturday, December 04, 2004
Hey, just an update Jenna is doing great. Her recovery is going very well, I doubt she will remember any of it, lol. Today she will be sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping!

She will be here in LA till next tuesday when she goes back and visits Dr. Fisher to get sutures removed. She will be back online I am sure before then; how much sleeping can one actually do???LOL. Thanks for all your kind words for her recovery.


Jenna Jameson Diary : December 03, 2004

| Friday, December 03, 2004
Jenna is still Jenna; I asked her if she needed anything, like a drink - somethng to eat, etc. Her reply was," Prada.. they have a new purse or Christian Dior -one to go with my dress for the awards show". It was really funny, there is only one Jenna. (Thank God!)


Jenna Jameson Diary : December 02, 2004

| Thursday, December 02, 2004
Just an update: Jenna just got out of urgery and everything went really well. She wasunder for about 5 hours and about an hour to come too. Dr. Gart Fisher did an amazing job and was really happy with the results. Jenna was a perfect patient during surgery, lol! I have some pics I will upload of her after surgery, looking cute as ever. I will keep you posted.


Jenna Jameson Diary : November 29, 2004

| Monday, November 29, 2004
This week has been ver eventful. Vrianna came out to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family. It was really nice to spend time with her, she is turning out to be one of my very best friends. Trust me, dealing with my family and Jay's family isn't easy... they are all very sweet and amazing... but very loud! She certainly was a little taken aback... but then ended up fitting right in. After a long couple days of cooking (yes, Briana helped me cook) we decided to begin her shopping for CES. She was amazed at my shopping capabilities ( I whirl around the shops at 100 miles per hour) and by the end of the day she thought she was going to pass out... LOL. She'll get used to it... I will teach her to pace herself! LOL

We then ended her trip by getting pierced. She got an industrial piercing like mine (upper ear) and I got on call a sadu (sp?). She then decided to have her tattoo reworked since it was old and faded, so I called my brother and got her an appointment. He finished her inn 2 hours and she was extremely stoked with her more colorful tattoo. The next day she was oof to LA to pack for her 3 week road tour... I certainly don't envy her. Now I am relaxing at home... putting ornaments on my 18 foot tree... ( not an easy task!) So wish me luck on the ladder :)

Love ya, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 20, 2004

| Saturday, November 20, 2004
It's raining here in NY today so it's a good day to be heading home. We actually had sunshine most of the week so we got lucky. Gotta finish packing and get to the airport. Must hit the hotdog stand one last time before leaving the city...hehehehe. Talk to you later!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 19, 2004

| Friday, November 19, 2004
No shoots today but a few meetings and some much needed shopping! (lol) We started the day with a fitting at Marc Bouwer's studio. First, let me say, that Marc is as awesome as he is talented. He is so cool. OMG! Every dress I tried on was like it was made for me (hmmmm, conspiracy?) and every one was more beautiful than the next. It was like a fairy tale and the prince kept bringing me gorgeous gowns! hehehehehe I managed to narrow it down to the "must haves" (how many days are in the year again?) and now will live happily ever after. I've decided to start every day off like this from now on. lol

We hit a couple of stores on the way to our lunch meeting, had a great lunch w/my agent, went to the Elite offices for a couple of meetings then off for more shopping! Madison Avenue may never be the same and it only took 4 taxis to get all the purchases back to the hotel! (that's not bad, right???) We went out for drinks tonight and will get a few hours sleep before heading home tomorrow. WOW. This was a great week - I'm beat and really, really happy. I'm ready to go home. A week without Jay is too long (and I miss my dogs!) Bye for now!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 18, 2004

| Thursday, November 18, 2004
The past 2 days have been unbelievable. I shot for Zoo Magazine w/Philipp Cometti (one of the most amazing photographers!) I was a little nervous going to set - you know, new photographer, big layout for the magazine and to add to the pressure I found out it will be the cover sooooooo.......(wooo hooooo!) I was excited and really wanted it to be special. We shot a lot of set ups yesterday - really great stuff and then today he started shooting the minute I walked in the door! I have never really experienced anything like it - it was so creative and just beautiful. He has such a way about him - I can't wait to see the pics and I can't wait to shoot with him again. We shot 12 sets ups today and left the studio about 9:30pm. Long day but, wow! I feel like a contortionist (lol) with some of the stuff we did and I'm going to have some aching bones after this one! The magazine is the Spring issue so will let you know when it hits the stands! I AM EXHAUSTED AND SOOO HAPPY! Bath and bed for me.

Love you! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 16, 2004

| Tuesday, November 16, 2004
So today was day one of our NY trip. What a fun day! But first, I have to tell you about the "hotel" (if you can call it that-lol) they had us booked in. We got in to JFK, got picked up by the Angry-Driver-of-the-Year-Award recepient and went to our hotel. I believe the word they used was "charm" - I believe the word we used was "uh, we will not be staying here" (lol) and off we went to another hotel. We were in NY for a week of work and thought a room that had a bed with more than one spring and a tub that wasn't peeling would be nice, hehehehe. We got settled, ordered room service and got some sleep. Today on set was really fun. The photographer and crew were all really great and it was such a great day, and stuff we did was REALLY beautiful. Jimmy Choo has some AMAZING new Spring shoes and the Cartier jewelry was dazzling, very dazzling! We left set and managed to get a little shopping (shock!) in before heading back to the hotel for some dinner. Fun, fun day! Nite!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 15, 2004

| Monday, November 15, 2004
Well, I am off to New York this morning. I am shooting for Jimmy Chu and Cartier tomorrow and Zoo magazine the 2 days following . I am scheduled for stern on Friday as well.....and of course some shopping will be strewn about in between! Everything has been incredible lately. Sorry about the few diary entries. Last week was pretty insane busy with meetings. We are launching our new merchandise is going to be huge. I can't wait for you to see all the cool stuff. We partnered up with an amazing company and I feel very comfortable and confident with them. Next up... we finalized our reality show deal last week as well. We have been deciding on whether or not to doing one for 2 years. We have had some great offers and now we decided which one to take..oh just wait, the day and life of Jenna, Jay and the crew.

Television will never be the same. Thinking about it...neither will our house! LOL. I think we will start shooting soon. What else... we are still going crazy preparing for the CES show in January. It will be our first year there with a booth. Everyone is super excited. Of course Jay is going over every detail so we are a smooth sailin machine, lol. I can't wait to see all the stress. It will be great for the show! Besides the fact that we will be broke after paying for the show; I think it will be great for our company. Oh, I almost forgot; they released the nominations for the Adult Awards at CES Friday......drum roll please...WE GOT 32 NOMINATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really excited for Jay(Justin) and our company. It's going to be a super super crazy CES this year!!!!!! Ok, time to finish packing. I will take lots of pics this week.

Kisses and Hug, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : November 02, 2004

| Tuesday, November 02, 2004
This weekend was amazing. Briana came out here to Scottsdale and stayed with me for the weekend. She has been a long time friend of mine and I have to say, I have never seen her this happy. She is single and loving it. She seems to have found herself finally and grown into an amazing woman. With all her hardships behind her, she is forging ahead with her life. She has been dancing three weeks out of every month and making sure her life is in order. I am so proud of her I could burst. I watched her go through a lot of horrible things over the past few years and I am so glad she has come out unscathed.

We spent the weekend shopping and clubbing and afterwards we just chilled... She just left today, to go dance in St. Louis. She will be back out here next week so we can start shopping for outfits for CES. This part of the year is always stressful, having to deal with christmas sopping and CES outfits, seeing as I usually need 3 a day! Now that's a lot of clothing! So Brianna and I decided to brave it together!

Love U, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 28, 2004

| Thursday, October 28, 2004
So we are finally in our new house! It has been quite the adventure. From having to fire our movers to Jay lugging all of the boxes and furniture here himself. Poor Jay threw his back out several times, but never quit. It either is because he is very driven, or he has a severe case of ADD. LOL. He can never wait for anything and changes his mind and subjects a million times in the course of 2 minutes... I guess that is what I love about him, he keeps me on my toes. I have been sleeping extremely well here at the new house, maybe it is because it is guard gated and maybe it's because I'm so damn exhausted!

My neighbors are really awesome, very young and he plays for the Colorado Rockies... His wife is very sweet and has a young baby. I love being neighbors with people my own age, hopefully they will understand the way we are!Crazy! LOL I have been spending day after day trying to unpack my closet. This is a very daunting task, believe me! I had to count how many hanging clothes I had since I have to switch my hangers to those cute ones called huggable Hangers (they give you much more room) and it turns out I have over 1000 hanging clothes. I may have an addiction... LOL hehehehehehe

My closet is over quadruple the size of my old closet so I don't have to store things in the guest closets, so I am happier than a pig in shiat! Wait until you see it... WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Ok, back to closet duty...

Love ya! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 18, 2004

| Monday, October 18, 2004
Today has been no less stressful... I guess it is starting to sink in that we are actually moving. It's a little hard for me, because Jay and I got married at this house we are in now, and that makes it extremely special.

But, this new house I know we will be in for a very long time, since it is a great deal larger than our old house. And we will be able to accomadate children and guests galore! :) Well, the movers get here on Friday and we should be in the new Casa De Jameson by the weekend! Wish us luck!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 17, 2004

| Sunday, October 17, 2004
We began moving some of our belongings to the new house today. Ya know, I really didn't think I was stressed, but I guess I am. I haven't been sleeping well, at all! I also got a dreaded pimple! AAAAAAAAAH! I haven't had a zit in about 6 months, since the book was about to come out... so I will chalk this little mountain on my forehead up to moving stress!

I guess things could be worse! Anyway... life is good and once I finally get everything finished, things should get back to normal!

Smooches, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 15, 2004

| Friday, October 15, 2004
Today Jay and I went to see the house we bought, here in Scottsdale. We decided to move since this house has absolutely no security. We thought it would be much more comfortable to be in a guard gated community. We had looked for a couple of weeks for a very special house, and we definitely found one. We are now final... and the deal is done! I'm so excited, I can't even express it! :)So new digs here we come!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 11, 2004

| Monday, October 11, 2004
It's Justins birthday today!!! It is also a national holiday... coincidence, lol. It sucks because I have the worst cold. I knew I was going to get it because Justin had it all last week. He always rips on me because he says I am a hypocondriac SP? LOL

I always think the worst... But I giess that keeps me from being shocked when the worst does happen! Justin's birthday has been incredibly relaxed due to our colds, but I guess we kinda like it like that. We had a family party here at the house last night and we ate chicken asparagus crepes. MMMMMMMMMM

Today we had a company lunch and hung out at the CJ office and shot the shit. Tonight we will cap it off with video game night... We sound like an old married couple. Hehehehehehe

Love ya, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 09, 2004

| Saturday, October 09, 2004
Today Jay and I went shopping for his Birthday present. Usually I don't tell him what I am getting him, but in this instance, I knew NOTHING about what I wanted to get him... which was home theatre equipment. So went over to Showcase and he picked out a kick ass Krell pre amp and mono blocks to go with his B&W 800 series speakers. He is a spoiled brat! LOL

He goes into crazed trances when he gets around any kind of technology. It is the funniest thing to see him kick into ADD mode when he hears badass systems...Men boggle my mind... LOL

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 07, 2004

| Thursday, October 07, 2004
I flew to LA today for my Layout for FHM magazine. We shot at smashBox studios, and I have to say it was one of the most unique amazing shoots I have ever been a part of. The photographer, Frank Ockenfels, was so creative and dedicated... we got along famously. Wait until you guys see this! It is slated for the January issue, keep your fingers crossed that I get the cover:)

I know everyone has been wondering what is up with Fhm and I, since I no longer right a column for them. Well, we both mutually decided it was time for something new. So I will keep you updated on what it turns into... but I do know we are still great colleagues, and we are kicking off a new era of Jenna and FHM with my January photospread!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : October 04, 2004

| Monday, October 04, 2004
Well, my long weekend is over... The Clubjenna next to nothing party was a huge success. All of the girls got along famously. It was wonderful to spend time with them on a personal level.

After the party, we did a two day content shoot with all of our girls (including me) and I do have to say, our group of girls are what I think are the hottest in the industry. Tera and Brianna looked insanely gorgeous... Krystal Steal is one of the freshest most real people I know, and Gine Lynn should be arrested for how fine she is. We also shot Sunny Leone for the first time, and I have to say she has one of the best faces I have EVER seen. Justine shot with us also, WOW! So beautiful!

The only troubling thing that has happened this week was reading Serentiy's review on my book. She gave me a less than stellar review... not for how it was written, but for the content. I think she doesn't realize I wrote this book about MY life, not my PORN LIFE. I wasn't trying to brag about how many shopping sprees I go on, or how extravagant I am, I was trying to convey my struggles and triumphs. I guess her review may be a little personal, since we didn't really ever get along. I think she should have been able to put her jealousy aside and given an unbiased review. In the grand scheme of things her little jabs don't matter, but, I expected the mainstream world to give me bad reviews, not my peers. Oh well, I guess being on the NY times best sellers list for 9 weeks in a row is enough for me....LOL

Love, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 29, 2004

| Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Today was a lot less eventful... thank god! I woke up early and did 5 interviews for radio stations and print publications. Then from that point on, I started primping for the party tomorrow! I have a surprise for everyone... But, you'll have to wait and see what I look like in my pictures from the party tomorrow night! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe

Love, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 28, 2004

| Tuesday, September 28, 2004
So, today was a really crazy day. I woke up and went to get a facial, then made my run for errands. Then I was just kicken it around the house,watchin my programs and vegging out. I went back into my room to get undressed and rwrapped a towel around myself, because I was gonna have a quick tan in my tanning bed.

When I walked out into my kitchen I heard Nacho (my dog) going crazy in the back yard. He was barking and growling and running back and forth in a frenzy. So I grabbed the phone and walked out back... I could see shadows behind the huge hedges around my yard. Then I heard yelling and laughing. Just then I realized that there were people trying to jump my back wall and get into my yard. I screamed out to get the hell away from my house, and told them my dog would eat them. They started screaming... OH MY GOD THERE SHE IS! IT'S JENNA!

So I screamed that I was calling the police and they ran off. The cops came within two minutes, and seemed shocked that people were that bold... I told them I deal with people coming to my front door for autographs all the time, and how this was the first time they tried to get in my backyard. The cops told me they would patrol the neighborhood more often and try to catch the culprits... Anyway, it just amazes me that people would go so far, as to invade my space just to catch a glimpse of me... I mean, why not just come out to one of my signings or parties? I'll keep ya posted on this...

Love, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 20, 2004

| Monday, September 20, 2004
We made it to Florida! The weather is hurricanes. We got in yesterday afternoon , settled in and then headed to dinner. We met up with Krystal and Duanne had some steaks and then went to the Kereoke event scheduled for the evening. It was hysterical...of course we have video footage. I was surprised at how well some of the girls could sing! We had a great time. We were heading out to call it a night when some whacko chick tried elbowing me and started shit. Clay nicely kept her away. We headed outside awaiting our ride back to our hotel. I guess while we were outside she was having a spaz attack and was going off on everyone..stalker ..yes! Well, her boyfriend got invlolved...started talking long shit to Clay... which we all know is not a smart move. Next thing you know the guy is getting scraped off the floor. So, it was a very eventful evening. Today we are chilling and then Krystal and I are hosting the show tonight. Hopefully it will be an uneventful evening!

Hugs kisses and slugs... JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 19, 2004

| Sunday, September 19, 2004
I am up early and actually packed for our trip to Florida. We are going to the NIghtmoves Award show in Tampa. I have a special bond with the show...they gave me my first award in the Adult Industry. I am really excited to go down and see how the show has grown and to see how Paul and company are doing. Ok...time to head out ...wish me luck. * Krystal and Duanne got there Thursday and have been having a blast.

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 18, 2004

| Saturday, September 18, 2004
We just got done watching the Oscar D / Hopkins fight. I was really wanting Oscar to win. Hopkins is one of my favorite boxers, but if Oscar wins it wil be ground breaking. Oscar stood in there toe 2 toe and threw down. Hopkins just started settling into his game about the 6th that point Oscar didn't have a chance. 9th round...bamm bam rib-liver- shot...down goes Oscar... fight is over. :( poor oscar...well, actually not poor! I think he got 30 mil for the fight!!!! It was really nic e to see Hopkins actually get some money for once in his career.

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 13, 2004

| Monday, September 13, 2004
Well, after my little romp to LA to do Dennis Miller... I am chillin like a villain. Dennis ceratinly was a fun show, I was surprised how sweet he was to me! I guess I expect people to recieve me differently, and I get so surprised when they treat me with respect. Although if they didn't, I certanly would demand it!

Anyway... I am at home, relaxing... playing video games and making plans to go to my facialist to spiff my skin up tomorrow! Gotta get ready to go to Florida for the Night Move awards on Sunday, hopefully Hurricane Ivan doesn't do any more damage to poor Florida! They just can't catch a break...

Love, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 09, 2004

| Thursday, September 09, 2004
I went and watched the movie Hero yesterday afternoon. It is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen!!! It was visually amazing. Every frame was like a painting. Some of the shots made me cry...I am such a girl. I want to go see it again.

Today I will be sitting getting my hair done...yuck! Desmond (my hair guy)missed his flight last night, so he threw off my whole weekend. He is soo unreliable! He is never on time!!! He is supposed to be here at 9:30 this morning , so realistically he will be here about 10:30. I need some coffee. I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

Love as always, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 04, 2004

| Saturday, September 04, 2004
Life is back to normal finally. Ok, maybe not normal...but relaxing. All week I didn't do an interview, take a picture, or sign an autograph! I really needed this week to unwind from the tour. Next week it starts back up, so I am enjoying every minute of this week. I haven't been sleeping very well. My house is like grand central Station...we always have someone over working on something. My first day back was the jackhammer out by the pool fixing a leak on the auto filler thingy. It went on from there, LOL. I have been a total couch potato this week..wooohoooooo. Ok, back to the couch I go!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 03, 2004

| Friday, September 03, 2004
Ok, everyone knows how much I love to watch boxing. Last night...perfect 10 model boxing on Showtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMM MMMMM MMMMM... I must say that was HOT! My fav things hot girls and boxing. Let me tell you I was surprised at how well the girls could actually box. Some of them had some conditioning issues, but all in all they were great. It was really fun to watch. i wish there outfits were a bit racier. They should have been in booty shorts, bathing suit bottoms, or even better ...just a thong. Oh yeah baby, throw on a thong and box for mamma! LOL, LOL, LOL. OINk OINK OINK! At least I admit it, I am a pig. ok, just got excited thinking about it, I need to go and relieve some pressure... a new Jenna vibe awaits!

Love, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : September 01, 2004

| Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Wow!!!!!!!! I just got back from Vegas last night! It's been an incredible tour for the book. I think it was the longest 2 weeks of my life, but by far the best. I can't express to you how overjoyed I am at seeing how well accepted my book is. I was soooo stressed about putting it out. It was a cleansing experience for me and it got out a lot of stuff I have been suppressing for years. We are #9 on the New York Time Best Sellers list this week and moving up!!!!!!!!! It really hasn’t settled in yet I don't think. To me it's like a dream... I will recap the tour this week in my diaries along with some pics and video from the trip.

I get to relax this week and then off again next week on tour to continue promoting the book. I had a blast in Vegas this weekend, we did a party at the Hard Rock and then went to Body English and hung out with my friends...wait till you see those pics! Jay and I stayed a few extra days and gambled and went to a few parties ... The MAGIC Convention was in town. Ok, it's coffee time... I was planning on sleeping in but the sound of the buzz saw and jackhammer out side my window is precluding me from rest! We had a leak in our auto refiller for the pool, so , they have to cut up the pool decking. Oh joy oh joy! LOL

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 18, 2004

| Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Wow... what a day! It was awesome. The day staterd wityh Howard Stern, he was his usuall charming and witty self. We talekd about the Masseuse, he said it was his second fav movie of all time next to the Godfather! Form there the topic was my book... his exerpts from it and all the celeb gossip in the book. Its book is 600 pages of which 15 are about celeb crap...and thats what everyone wants to talk about! LOL. After Howard I did an interview for WBV's Morning Show. Great interview on the book, but again celeb based, lol. After that i had a few pohone interviews ans then off to CNBC for an interview with Donny Deutsch...awesome interview. He was fantastic.

Next up interview for Extra..anther phone interview and back to the hotel to get ready to sign at the Virgin Store. We got there and the turn out was awesome...they said it was their biggest signing in 3 yrs. Everyone was soooo nice! It was great seeing everyone. There of course were some really hot girls, which alays makes the night a bit more fun, mmmm mmm mmmmm!!!! I finished signing at about 10:30 ish hopped in the limo...had people chasing it down the street , which is cool. Got cack to the hotel, we all debated on whether to eat ...decided not to and I crashed! Today starts the same thing .....

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 17, 2004

| Tuesday, August 17, 2004
3 hours of sleep and I am up getting ready to go on Howard Stern. I dont even need to say it...yes, I am nervous! LOL. I watched the VH1 special last night...WOW, I thought it was truely amazing! I am so happy with the piece. It's funny it was sooo dramatic. I really loved how the ended it \on a nice up note. Ok, time to get ready for Howard, then from there to The Morning Show on WB, followed by 3 phone interviews, Donny Deutsch on CNBC, Extra, and then finally my instore signing at Virgin in Times Square!!! EASY DAY, LOL.

Love, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 16, 2004

| Monday, August 16, 2004
I am packed and getting ready to head off to New York to start my book tour. I am super excited and SUPER nervous! My book, How To Make Love Like A Pornstar, A Cationary Tale (could the title be any longer??LOL) has been doing really really well on preorders. I got up to the 43rd bestseller on amazon this weekend!!! I was sooooo happy... you are always nervous on how the book will do. I just hope people like it!

Also, tonight my VH1 special airs!!! Of course I am a bit nervous on how the piece will come out. Anyone can make anyone say anything in an interview. However the producer wants the piece to look and feel he will. You can cut quote anyone to say that is always dangerous. The producer was really really great and they did so much work on the show I am sure it will be amazing!!!! Well, off to the airport I go...wish me luck this is going to be a long 2 weeks of signing and traveling!! I lov eyou ALLLLLLLLL!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 11, 2004

| Wednesday, August 11, 2004
I am home ....and totally f'ing pooped! We drove in from LA around 6 pm last night. The ride home was nice and relaxing. We drove the Huge Dodge Diesel truck ...because it has so much room for gear etc. The back seat is not the most comfortable thing. It was nice we watched a few movies and took our time getting home. Today I got up and went to see Chavah, my horse. My friend Renee came to pick her up and move her to California to live with Renee. Renee LOVES horses and will see her everyday. I have had no time to spend with her and I have felt really bad about the neglect. She is exercised everyday as well as groomed , but still I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with her as I should. So, she will be much better off with Renee. So, I wasn’t really sad, more relieved. Chavah really has a great home now.

My rolling stone article came out today... wooohooo. I have been a bit nervous about what it was going to say. It was pretty funny. It's funny how they pick and choose whatever they want to form any feeling and or view on a particular subject/person. It is definitely a milestone in my career!!!!!!! I am very proud and feel honored to be in the magazine. I am starting to get ready for my book tour. I was really nervous about it for weeks, but now i felt I had an epiphany today. My attitude is much better and i will enjoy every minute of the tour no matter how tired I am (quote me on that) I realized that never in my wildest dreams would I ever had imagined my life would turn out like this, I have been blessed. I came from nothing, overcame a lot of roadblocks and I am a very happy and fortunate person now! I just came off the hardest movie of my career, but also the best I have ever done! Yes, the days were brutal the end product will be beyond amazing and nothing like the industry has ever seen.

I am so proud of Justin is is sooooo amazingly talented. I can't wait for everyone to see it. We closed the sets to the press. He was really worried about people copying our sets and style as many have done in the past! So, sorry no Behind The Scenes shots to put up. Let's just say the movie is Bella Loves Jenna times 100. And that is tuff to say! Bella is an incredible movie which I think will leave it's mark in history for adult movies!!!!!! Ok, enough babbling I need to make dinner!

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 09, 2004

| Monday, August 09, 2004
It's 5 am and we just wrapped our last scene for Janine Loves Jenna...holy shit am I tired. Our last scene was in the rain- 3 hours in the rain! I am ringing the water out of my feet, LOL. What an unbelievable shoot. I love you all and I will talk to you when I awake from my coma!

Love Ya, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : August 06, 2004

| Friday, August 06, 2004
This started out being a really bad day. The girl that was scheduled for todays sex scene called and canceled 1 hour after her call time and it set us back 6 hours!!!!! Basically made us push the other scene for the day and cost the production 20K+! I am soooooo mad. We hired Teagan to do a scene. We also were considering signing her as a new clubjenna girl. She decided to sign with Digital Playground, coool I hope it goes well. Well DP decided that they didnt want her on our set and came up with multiple reasons , all lies, why she couildn't be on set. They are known for being unscrupulous and unethical, so it really didnt surprise me at all. Too bad for them she would have been in the biggest selling movie of all time, would have really helped her career and made them more money in the long run! I will be sending them a bill for production costs. I think Justin will lbe handling this one...they better watch out! Ah, the movie on set drama...LOL.

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 20, 2004

| Tuesday, July 20, 2004
I am super excited today!! I am shooting for Rolling Stone! I am getting ready to go into make up . I will let you know how it goes either late tonight or early tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to shoot for Elle Magazine! What a week... so exciting!!! Wish me luck...

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 19, 2004

| Monday, July 19, 2004
Ok, the trip from hell is over. Daniel and I got back from Philly last night at around 10. The party Saturday afternoon was great. It was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time. Missy then wanted to have a group of adults go out and party the night away.... well the group was 60 people! Do you have any idea what its like going out with 60 people in 3 limos??? Especially when Missy wants to go to 3 different bars. The night ended me blowing a fuse and loosing my temper a got ridiculous and I had no security with me and the "Jenna is here" word was out in the bars! A total nightmare. We get home at 6 and get no sleep because she has 30 people staying at the house. No sleep on the plane ride home. I was delirious and so ready to sleep in my bed.

Today is a veg day to top all veg days... I am not playing around. There will be nothing that will get me out of the house today . I have a shoot a big tomorrow and I need rest. No sex even when I got home, I was whoooped. Desmond is coming in tonight to finish on my hair. This sucks... his is when I really wish I just had a normal life! I will be better tomorrow after i have a day to relax. I shoot tomorrow and Wednesday and then again in LA on Friday. Saturday I have an awards show in LA. Back to AZ and then off to La the following weekend to present an award at the G4 Game Awards. We will be staying in LA and start shooting Janine Loves Me (lol) that Wednesday for 5 days. Then back home for a few days and off to New York to start the book tour. For 2 weeks... then after that some mainstream stuff then I will be in the loony bin because at that point I will have lost my mind.

Luv, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 16, 2004

| Friday, July 16, 2004
I arrived safely in PA and am hanging out with Missy and family. She looks great; back down to a size 2 and sexier than ever. Tomorrow is her youngest's ( and my godson's) 1st birthday celebration. She has a huge party set up ...140+ people! He's he will ever remember. Daniel and I got in last night (Justin couldn't make it after the 2 weeks he was out of the office doing the last shoot he is swamped!. Mason (edits web stuff for us and shoots my vid diaries)... is on his way in today as well as a few other fellow Pheonicians. Today I am getting my hair done, thank GOd! Desmond was here doing Missy's hair and stayed tillI got in. Ok...back to the chair I go for more hair crap!


Jenna Jameson Diary : July 14, 2004

| Wednesday, July 14, 2004
I have one day to get ready to leave again for PA to go see Missy. Shit, I am tired and need more time. I hate when my schedule gets like this. I am just gearing up for the big book tour that starts in August...10 cities 12 days! I really want to charter a private Jet, but the costs are astronomical. We have too many people traveling and way too much luggage....we would need at least a G3- G4! UGH! We got great news today....drum roll please... WE WON BEST ADULT MOVIE OF THE YEAR FOR BELLA LOVES JENNA AT THE VSDA AWARDS IN VEGAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome, a huge milestone for Club Jenna. Justin is gearing up for Janine Loves Jenna, which we are shooting in the beginning of August. It is gonna be unbelievable! Ok, I am off to a meeting at the office.

Hugs, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 13, 2004

| Tuesday, July 13, 2004
We just got back from Sea World!!!! It was my first was so much fun. We were driving back to Az from LA Saturday and Justin was talking about how much he missed San Diego (he went to college there). Sea World came up and I mentioned that I had never been thing we are programming the nav to go to Sea World and a few U turns later ...BAM Sea World here we come!!! It really was awesome. When we got to San Diego we went down to the beach and ate at Hooters (always one of my the little hotties working there...mmm mmm mmm) Then we went to a bar on the beach Lahiena, Justin used to work there in college.

We retired early and the next morning we were off to Sea World to hang out with the one and only Shamu...ok, maybe not the one and only... they have 7 whales there that they call Shamu. Shamu had become a common name like Kleenex for tissue, lol. We got there ...a huge line at the gates. The anticipation was killing me. Onc e in we scheduled our tours for the day and we were off. First up the shamu show!!! AWESOME! (wait till you see the pics) Then we went to see The sea Lion, Walrus, and Otter show, Tools and Fools. Very very very cute. After which we ate and then went to our first tour, the artic tour (A behind the scenes look at the artic critters) If you ever have a chance to go to Sea World go on this tour!! Your start off going into the building behind the exhibits and get to feed and play with the animals. We started with the Beluga Whales. They were beautiful.

After which we went and got to see the polar bears...which by the way are beautiful, but deadly.... they hunt humans! The male we saw was 1100lbs and 12' tall....ahhhh! Next up on the tour, the artic fox. We fed and pet the cute little stinky bastards...they smell like skunks! But they are so cute. Next up my favorites .. the Walrus. How fricken cute! i got to feed and kiss them.. They rolled over and blew kisses! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They tour was really incredible, so informative. We had a blast. We watched a few more shows and then had dinner with Shamu (actually an imposter). What a great day. Then we went back to the room and I got pounded like a farm, just playing.

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 04, 2004

| Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy 4th of July. I am soooooooo F'ing hung over right now. We went out and celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday last night. We went to his favorite restuarant(as well as mine) Koi,and for a night of fun and entertainment ...over to the Forty Deuce! We had a blast. The whole evening was incrdible. It ended with Daniel and Justin joking rround and Justin peeing on Daniels leg when he wasn't thats funny. Justin likes to do Jack Ass style stuff to Daniel. This morning he woke him up by spraying a huge line of self tanning spray down the center of his back. Its funny... Well, this should be a fun day on set {says sarcastically}. Have a nice safe 4th!

Luv You, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 03, 2004

| Saturday, July 03, 2004
Today is my one day off!!!! The shoot has been going really really well. Yetserday we did some stuff on a city bus. It was funny because I have never been on a city bus and had no clue how the whole token/money thing worked. We got super lucky across the street where we were shooting there was a off duty bus...Daniel went and talked to the driver asking him for a bit of a favor ...and woohoooo we have a bus to shoot. It was funny. Today I think I am going to do a bit of shopping and then we are going out to celebrate Daniels Bday tonight! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend..I love you all...

Kisses, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 02, 2004

| Friday, July 02, 2004
WOW, I finally got to do a scene with Stephani Swift. We had been friends forever and never really really had a chance to have one on one sex. It was great. In the movie we have 3 sex scenes together. 2 down and one to go {says as she licks her fingers}. I am starting to get a bit tired. We are 3 days in on a 10 day shoot. They made the first 3 days the hardest of the lot. My character is a frumpy goofy girl. So, my outfits are to say the least, used rags, LOL. Pauk Thomas is doing a great job directing. He has a really incredible crew. They are all the older guys in the industry. They know their shit ...bottom line. Paul likes changing the script as we shoot, so it's been a trying experience. I am super happy with my acting. My character holds true to the original in the movie the Secretary. Well off to set I go.

Have great day. JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : June 28, 2004

| Monday, June 28, 2004
Today I am swamped! I am leaving for LA this afternoon to go shoot our next big film with Paul Thomas... and I have 1000 thing s to do before I go...ok, maybe not 1000. I have to do the final on my book because it goes to print on teh 2nd. i am changing the title of the book ...I just don't think the current title, How To Make Love Like A Pornstar, fits the book at all. So , I am thinking of calling it HeartBreaker or Jenna Jemason a Memoir. Let me know what you think is best. Ok I have to go pack, tan, eat, stress, finish on the book, and start studying my 60+ pages of dialog......

Love ya! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : June 27, 2004

| Sunday, June 27, 2004
Did I mention I do not feel well...crampsssss crampsss crampssss.. YUCK! AHHHHHHH!

Luv Ya, JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : June 25, 2004

| Friday, June 25, 2004
Dogs for sale... dogs for sale! 4 dogs='s way too much work. Don't get me wrong I love my dogs, but they, like evryone have their moments. Carmen is terrorising the big dogs.. She likes to sleep on their backs while they are lying down. Its really cute. She sneak attacks poor stinky non stop...ripping ass hair out with every chomp. It's kinda funny...stinky has been a bastard to all the other dogs. Tomorrw we are shooting a CRibs at the house. It should be fun. Of course as usual, I freak out and stress and don't want to do anything...aand then as soon as I start getting ready I can't wait to shoot it. I will go back to cleaning and thats a sexy thought!

Jenna Jameson Diary : June 17, 2004

| Thursday, June 17, 2004
Ahhh, I feel great. I got some great sleep these last few days. We finally got the drapes in the bedroom, so it's like a Vegas hotel room dark. I performed my domestic duties yesterday; grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooing dinner. It was fun, it really relaxed me and kept my mind off of the upcoming work. Today VH1 is here again finishing up the last of my interviews as well as shooting some around the house stuff. Missy comes in tomorrow for the weekend, so I am really excited about that. Hopefully our boat will be ready- it's only been a month to do a 3 day job :(. We have had no luck with repairing our stuff this summer. The Lamborghini went in the shop for repair for a few minor scratches....9 weeks later they are done and the work sucked! Justin blew a gasket! Now the car has to go back in the shop... We are not too happy about it especially since we used it for only 2 weeks after we bought it b4 we put it in the shop. The boat we got didn’t even use it and "Mr.I Cant Leave Anything Stock" had to have it now we have missed all our planned boating events. We bought a truck to buy the boat. I drove it yesterday... ok little chicks and big trucks are a great combo. I feel like the road warrior in it. It's some huge Dodge diesel truck... I love it. Everyone on the road had better stay out of my way! Of course "Mr. I Can't Leave Anything Stock" already changed out the stereo and ordered some chip crap to make it faster... are you starting to see a pattern here. LOL LOL. Well time to get ready for a fun and fabulous day of VH1!

TTYL.. Love and Hugs, JJ