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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 16, 2004

| Friday, January 16, 2004
I had a great day today. Got up played with the insane puppies...who are still sleeping in bed with us by the way. I think this will be their last night. I went and looked for a new bed for our master bedroom today. I am sick of the one we have and really would like a new one. I didn't really see anything that was that I would like to replace our current one..bummer. We then went and looked at Plasma tv's for the master. We have a 42' there now and will be retiring that to the gym. I would love to get a nice sony 61" xbr plasma...:) We are deciding between the 50 and 61". What else.....hmmm, I got a bunch of books to read, Chineese medicine stuff. Very interesting. I now want to go get some acupuncture. The vision of Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor pops in my head everytime I think of acupunture. LOL. We went to dinner at a little dumpy sushi place that I love. And now I am in my bed doing my diary and hoping to have some great sex to cap off the evening. Talk at you all tomorrow..have a great night...

Hugs kisses and love JJ