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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 15, 2004

| Sunday, February 15, 2004
Yetsterday was a nice romantic day driving around Costa Rica and seeing the sites. We rented a truck ($125 a day!! Holy rip off!)and drove down the coast and up to Manuel Antonio Nat'l Park. It was really beautiful. White beach and breath taking scenery. We had lunch at he oddest restaurant(you will see the pictures and see what I mean). It was an old army carrier Plane set on top of the mountain! Odd yes, good food yes! From lunch we hopped back into the car and headed off to Villa Caletos to watch the sunset. The drive was a bit longer than we expected and we missed the sunset by like 15 minutes! I suggested to Justin we just stop and watch it from the coastline we had been driving by for the past know men.."oh, no we will make it!" As usual who is right? ME! lol. We had a few drinks there. The poeple were a bit on the stuffy side there,so ,we decided to head back to Los Suennos for dinner. It was a really nice evening ending with a huge arrangment of roses and some incredible sex on the balcony!!!!

woohooooo! JJ