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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 19, 2004

| Thursday, February 19, 2004
Well, I have sucessfully burned myself a into a nice shade of red! I knew it would happen. The sun here is so strong. We laid out yesterday and I made the mistake of laying on a step in the pool...maybe not a great idea...reflection of sun off of the water as well as the scorching rays sizzling my tender skin from the top makes a nice combo! Fortunately the burn here lasts a night and then I am brown the next day! I have a pretty good base tan, so, I am not in fear of peeling. Yesterday was a really chill out day...lay by the pool, watch Justin almost kick the shit out of some idiot with poor communication skills, go in town to Jaco, shop a bit and sign up for surf lessons...yep surf lessons this should be some good video for the site! We came back to the hotel Justin worked I relaxed and then off to the bar for and evening of Mohito's!!!!!!! Yeah Baby Yeah! Time to head to town for some surf lessons...catch ya'll later!

Love and (wish me luck) JJ