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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 24, 2004

| Tuesday, February 24, 2004
We got in from Costa Rica around 1 am this morning. What a long travel day. We started out at 10 am driving from Jaco to San Jose. A nice 2 hour drive through windy roads, and everyone knows how car sick I get! So, that was basically the road trip from hell.

We get to the airport, pay our airport tax($26), and do some duty free shopping. The airport was packed and the airconditioning was out in part of it. Our flight left about 25 minutes late. We arrived into Dallas and sat on the runnway for 45 minutes waiting to park... Then our flight from Dallas to Phoenix was delayed over and hour. To top it all off..our ride home wasn't at the aiport! What a shitty end to a great trip :( I have to do an interview, ttyl.

Kisses, JJ