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Jenna Jameson Diary : March 07, 2004

| Sunday, March 07, 2004
Ahh the sweet sweet smell of relaxation! It's weird I go from non stop work to just total vegetation in between. I did nothing all day yesterday, NOTHING. It drives Justin insane. He can't sit still for 2 minutes unless he is sleeping. Me on the other hand will park it on the couch and never move only to smoke, eat, and pee. Is that wrong? What do you do on your days off? I won't leave the house, nothing.

Our weather his perfect right now and I could care less. It's going to be almost 80 all week here and I will most likely watch I jinxed myself last night b4 going to bed by saying that it's nice that the puppies are house broken.... 3 huge dumps on the floor this morning! AHHHHHHHHHH! Unreal..the little bastards. They have been pretty good. We hired a trainer to work with them... poor guy! He is a very well known trainer and has thrown up his hands and almost said I give multiple times. They have a few issues that needs to get worked out. We are going to work with them for the next 6-8 months and see how they turn out. We have a fear that they have a pack mentality which is not very safe for kids. So, obviously we would not jeopardize any thoughts of the future by keeping unsafe dogs. I love them all to death, but reality is reality. >>>Ok off to warm my place on the couch!

Luv Ya, JJ