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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 26, 2004

| Monday, April 26, 2004
OK, let me bring everyone up to speed on what went on this week...
I left Thursday morning for Los Angeles and arrived around noon. I had scheduled an interview about the HIV scare in the industry with Access Hollywood, and later on that night I would go to Gene Simmons record release party at the Key Club.

Things went smoothly with Access Hollywood, and we finished the interview in about 45 minutes. I then began to get ready for the party and slipped on my divine Loius Vuitton dress and matching shoes. Oh how I love that! Krystal arrived at my hotel room and so did TT Boy. We jumped in the limo and jammed over to the club. Krystal and I made our way down the red carpet and took a million photos.

We were ushered into the party and got seated next to Alice Cooper's manager and the drummer for Kiss. How fun! Then Gene arrived and immediately sat down next to Krystal and I hamming it up for the cameras.

Then the night turned bad... A whole glass of wine got spilled on my new dress and Jay had an altercation with some guy who tried to kiss me... UGH!
So we jumped in the limo and went back to the hotel and proceeded to order pounds of italian take out! It definitely was a great night... except for my ruined LV dress... oh well!

Kisses, JJ