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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 13, 2004

| Sunday, June 13, 2004
Back from Thank God that is over. VH1 set up some great stuff for the special. It's really hard seeing people you havent talked to for 12 yrs; especially when you are in a dif stage in life since you have seen them. All in all it will be an amazing special, but it was emotionally draining! And it's not over yet; I have to do more interviewing on Wednesday of this week. Justin never made it out to nightmare. He had a bad few days nothing went right... one of those anything that can go wrong did! So, after the interviews I got a chance to head over to Hard Rock and chill in their new club!!! The club is amazing!!! After the club we did a bit of gambling.. I watched a guy loose 1 million dollars...YES $1,000,000.!!!!! WOW..I was nervous for him. He was calm ... It didnt even phase him. I really can't imagine having that much money to where I could loose a million and not care! Do you know how many purses I could buy with a million??? LOL. Ok, today is going to be a nice restful by teh pool day at the house. have a great day everyone!

Kisses, JJ