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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 17, 2004

| Thursday, June 17, 2004
Ahhh, I feel great. I got some great sleep these last few days. We finally got the drapes in the bedroom, so it's like a Vegas hotel room dark. I performed my domestic duties yesterday; grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooing dinner. It was fun, it really relaxed me and kept my mind off of the upcoming work. Today VH1 is here again finishing up the last of my interviews as well as shooting some around the house stuff. Missy comes in tomorrow for the weekend, so I am really excited about that. Hopefully our boat will be ready- it's only been a month to do a 3 day job :(. We have had no luck with repairing our stuff this summer. The Lamborghini went in the shop for repair for a few minor scratches....9 weeks later they are done and the work sucked! Justin blew a gasket! Now the car has to go back in the shop... We are not too happy about it especially since we used it for only 2 weeks after we bought it b4 we put it in the shop. The boat we got didn’t even use it and "Mr.I Cant Leave Anything Stock" had to have it now we have missed all our planned boating events. We bought a truck to buy the boat. I drove it yesterday... ok little chicks and big trucks are a great combo. I feel like the road warrior in it. It's some huge Dodge diesel truck... I love it. Everyone on the road had better stay out of my way! Of course "Mr. I Can't Leave Anything Stock" already changed out the stereo and ordered some chip crap to make it faster... are you starting to see a pattern here. LOL LOL. Well time to get ready for a fun and fabulous day of VH1!

TTYL.. Love and Hugs, JJ