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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 02, 2004

| Friday, July 02, 2004
WOW, I finally got to do a scene with Stephani Swift. We had been friends forever and never really really had a chance to have one on one sex. It was great. In the movie we have 3 sex scenes together. 2 down and one to go {says as she licks her fingers}. I am starting to get a bit tired. We are 3 days in on a 10 day shoot. They made the first 3 days the hardest of the lot. My character is a frumpy goofy girl. So, my outfits are to say the least, used rags, LOL. Pauk Thomas is doing a great job directing. He has a really incredible crew. They are all the older guys in the industry. They know their shit ...bottom line. Paul likes changing the script as we shoot, so it's been a trying experience. I am super happy with my acting. My character holds true to the original in the movie the Secretary. Well off to set I go.

Have great day. JJ