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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 04, 2004

| Sunday, July 04, 2004
Happy 4th of July. I am soooooooo F'ing hung over right now. We went out and celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday last night. We went to his favorite restuarant(as well as mine) Koi,and for a night of fun and entertainment ...over to the Forty Deuce! We had a blast. The whole evening was incrdible. It ended with Daniel and Justin joking rround and Justin peeing on Daniels leg when he wasn't thats funny. Justin likes to do Jack Ass style stuff to Daniel. This morning he woke him up by spraying a huge line of self tanning spray down the center of his back. Its funny... Well, this should be a fun day on set {says sarcastically}. Have a nice safe 4th!

Luv You, Jenna