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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 13, 2004

| Tuesday, July 13, 2004
We just got back from Sea World!!!! It was my first was so much fun. We were driving back to Az from LA Saturday and Justin was talking about how much he missed San Diego (he went to college there). Sea World came up and I mentioned that I had never been thing we are programming the nav to go to Sea World and a few U turns later ...BAM Sea World here we come!!! It really was awesome. When we got to San Diego we went down to the beach and ate at Hooters (always one of my the little hotties working there...mmm mmm mmm) Then we went to a bar on the beach Lahiena, Justin used to work there in college.

We retired early and the next morning we were off to Sea World to hang out with the one and only Shamu...ok, maybe not the one and only... they have 7 whales there that they call Shamu. Shamu had become a common name like Kleenex for tissue, lol. We got there ...a huge line at the gates. The anticipation was killing me. Onc e in we scheduled our tours for the day and we were off. First up the shamu show!!! AWESOME! (wait till you see the pics) Then we went to see The sea Lion, Walrus, and Otter show, Tools and Fools. Very very very cute. After which we ate and then went to our first tour, the artic tour (A behind the scenes look at the artic critters) If you ever have a chance to go to Sea World go on this tour!! Your start off going into the building behind the exhibits and get to feed and play with the animals. We started with the Beluga Whales. They were beautiful.

After which we went and got to see the polar bears...which by the way are beautiful, but deadly.... they hunt humans! The male we saw was 1100lbs and 12' tall....ahhhh! Next up on the tour, the artic fox. We fed and pet the cute little stinky bastards...they smell like skunks! But they are so cute. Next up my favorites .. the Walrus. How fricken cute! i got to feed and kiss them.. They rolled over and blew kisses! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They tour was really incredible, so informative. We had a blast. We watched a few more shows and then had dinner with Shamu (actually an imposter). What a great day. Then we went back to the room and I got pounded like a farm, just playing.

Kisses, JJ