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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 06, 2004

| Friday, August 06, 2004
This started out being a really bad day. The girl that was scheduled for todays sex scene called and canceled 1 hour after her call time and it set us back 6 hours!!!!! Basically made us push the other scene for the day and cost the production 20K+! I am soooooo mad. We hired Teagan to do a scene. We also were considering signing her as a new clubjenna girl. She decided to sign with Digital Playground, coool I hope it goes well. Well DP decided that they didnt want her on our set and came up with multiple reasons , all lies, why she couildn't be on set. They are known for being unscrupulous and unethical, so it really didnt surprise me at all. Too bad for them she would have been in the biggest selling movie of all time, would have really helped her career and made them more money in the long run! I will be sending them a bill for production costs. I think Justin will lbe handling this one...they better watch out! Ah, the movie on set drama...LOL.

Kisses, JJ