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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 18, 2004

| Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Wow... what a day! It was awesome. The day staterd wityh Howard Stern, he was his usuall charming and witty self. We talekd about the Masseuse, he said it was his second fav movie of all time next to the Godfather! Form there the topic was my book... his exerpts from it and all the celeb gossip in the book. Its book is 600 pages of which 15 are about celeb crap...and thats what everyone wants to talk about! LOL. After Howard I did an interview for WBV's Morning Show. Great interview on the book, but again celeb based, lol. After that i had a few pohone interviews ans then off to CNBC for an interview with Donny Deutsch...awesome interview. He was fantastic.

Next up interview for Extra..anther phone interview and back to the hotel to get ready to sign at the Virgin Store. We got there and the turn out was awesome...they said it was their biggest signing in 3 yrs. Everyone was soooo nice! It was great seeing everyone. There of course were some really hot girls, which alays makes the night a bit more fun, mmmm mmm mmmmm!!!! I finished signing at about 10:30 ish hopped in the limo...had people chasing it down the street , which is cool. Got cack to the hotel, we all debated on whether to eat ...decided not to and I crashed! Today starts the same thing .....

Kisses, JJ