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Jenna Jameson Diary : October 28, 2004

| Thursday, October 28, 2004
So we are finally in our new house! It has been quite the adventure. From having to fire our movers to Jay lugging all of the boxes and furniture here himself. Poor Jay threw his back out several times, but never quit. It either is because he is very driven, or he has a severe case of ADD. LOL. He can never wait for anything and changes his mind and subjects a million times in the course of 2 minutes... I guess that is what I love about him, he keeps me on my toes. I have been sleeping extremely well here at the new house, maybe it is because it is guard gated and maybe it's because I'm so damn exhausted!

My neighbors are really awesome, very young and he plays for the Colorado Rockies... His wife is very sweet and has a young baby. I love being neighbors with people my own age, hopefully they will understand the way we are!Crazy! LOL I have been spending day after day trying to unpack my closet. This is a very daunting task, believe me! I had to count how many hanging clothes I had since I have to switch my hangers to those cute ones called huggable Hangers (they give you much more room) and it turns out I have over 1000 hanging clothes. I may have an addiction... LOL hehehehehehe

My closet is over quadruple the size of my old closet so I don't have to store things in the guest closets, so I am happier than a pig in shiat! Wait until you see it... WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Ok, back to closet duty...

Love ya! JJ