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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 19, 2004

| Friday, November 19, 2004
No shoots today but a few meetings and some much needed shopping! (lol) We started the day with a fitting at Marc Bouwer's studio. First, let me say, that Marc is as awesome as he is talented. He is so cool. OMG! Every dress I tried on was like it was made for me (hmmmm, conspiracy?) and every one was more beautiful than the next. It was like a fairy tale and the prince kept bringing me gorgeous gowns! hehehehehe I managed to narrow it down to the "must haves" (how many days are in the year again?) and now will live happily ever after. I've decided to start every day off like this from now on. lol

We hit a couple of stores on the way to our lunch meeting, had a great lunch w/my agent, went to the Elite offices for a couple of meetings then off for more shopping! Madison Avenue may never be the same and it only took 4 taxis to get all the purchases back to the hotel! (that's not bad, right???) We went out for drinks tonight and will get a few hours sleep before heading home tomorrow. WOW. This was a great week - I'm beat and really, really happy. I'm ready to go home. A week without Jay is too long (and I miss my dogs!) Bye for now!

Kisses, JJ