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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 29, 2004

| Monday, November 29, 2004
This week has been ver eventful. Vrianna came out to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family. It was really nice to spend time with her, she is turning out to be one of my very best friends. Trust me, dealing with my family and Jay's family isn't easy... they are all very sweet and amazing... but very loud! She certainly was a little taken aback... but then ended up fitting right in. After a long couple days of cooking (yes, Briana helped me cook) we decided to begin her shopping for CES. She was amazed at my shopping capabilities ( I whirl around the shops at 100 miles per hour) and by the end of the day she thought she was going to pass out... LOL. She'll get used to it... I will teach her to pace herself! LOL

We then ended her trip by getting pierced. She got an industrial piercing like mine (upper ear) and I got on call a sadu (sp?). She then decided to have her tattoo reworked since it was old and faded, so I called my brother and got her an appointment. He finished her inn 2 hours and she was extremely stoked with her more colorful tattoo. The next day she was oof to LA to pack for her 3 week road tour... I certainly don't envy her. Now I am relaxing at home... putting ornaments on my 18 foot tree... ( not an easy task!) So wish me luck on the ladder :)

Love ya, Jenna