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Jenna Jameson Diary : February 12, 2004

| Thursday, February 12, 2004
Yesterday was a bit cloudy so we went into town, Yaco. The town is really really tiny and a bit technologically deprived, but is really fun. We cruised around checked out the stores (I have succesfully found a place that I couldn't find any clothes to buy) and had some lunch. We ate at Pancho Villa's. The food was unreal...and the tab for the 2 of us ... $10! Wohooo very cheap...much cheaper than our resort. After lunch we stopped by and grabbed a pair of tennis shoes(the one thing that I forgot). I wish I video taped Justin haggling over a $11 pair of tennies! He got them for $7. Oh, I can't wait to wear them! lol. We got back to the room chilled out played some backgammon and then went to our fav bar in the hotel for some Mohitos!!!! I am not feeling to good this morning (the 3 mohitos might have had something to do with it!) We had an all day tour scheduled today...horseback riding, hiking , and sight seeing... unfortunately I couldn't make the 7:30 am pick up! So, we will have to reschedule it for later in the week. I think we will walk over to the marina and check out the boats today. We want to set up a day to go deep sea that will be some funny video!

Loves and hugs from Costa Rica ...JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 11, 2004

| Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Paradise found! We are all settled in and ready to have a blast. Yesterday was a nice relax by the pool and soak up the sun day. I brought a bevy of suntan lotions and block with me this trip. As everyone recalls I am the one that gets "lobsterfied" the first few days and peels for the rest of the trip! This trip I am utilizing the aid of sunblock! We are here for 2 weeks and I am in no need to rush a tan! The sun is absolutely scorching here! I think it is the hottest I have felt anywhere. We have a nice little area set up for ourselves at the pool that has a bit of shade that makes for a nice break from the sun. The pool is incredble at the Hotel. I will have to take some pictures of it and try and upload some whiole we are here (we are on a dial up and it is both slow and expensive!) We video taped the water aerobics we witnessed when we first entered the pool area...remember when I mentioned the avg age of the hotel's guests were between 90 and death...imagine the site in the pool...yes scared for life I am! lol. So, anyways we had some mohitos and tacos by the pool and listened to some tunes...Justin brought the IPOD and a cool little speaker thing that it sets in and plays. This place is paradise! I am so stress free here it's amazing. Time to head off to the pool(even though it looks a bit cloudy)I will catch some rays for you all!

Luv Ya, Jenna

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 09, 2004

| Monday, February 09, 2004
We just got into Los Suennos...WOW! What an amazing resort!!! The ride from San Jose was about 2 hours....2 hours of windy roads with a cliff on the one side that goes straight down a few hundred feet (gulp). We stopped 2ce along the way. Once for an armadillo crossing the road and the other to stop and see the crocodiles hanging in the river!!! Yes, crocodiles ...they were just chilling hanging waiting for some meat to stroll by. We took some pictures and hopped back in the van. When we arrived it was a quick registration and into the room. Our room is not that great. We changed our trip so many times and the hotel is totally booked , so we got a room with no view. We have been trying to change it but no such luck! :( We are here for 2 weeks so it is hard for them to change us into another room and not infringe on someone elses reservation. You think because we are here for that long that they would try to do anything to accomodate us! Whatever, no biggie. On another note; I learned how to play backgammon last night!! OK, I love the game. I never like playing games( I am way to competitive and hate to loose) , but this game rocks. I always watched others play it and laughed. Justin got this 9 in 1 travel game thing for the trip. I was like," oh yeah that will be fun"...little did I know. He also wants to teach me how to play cribbage...that might be pushing it there Sally! Then I will feel as old as the other guests here! Oh, I forgot to mention the average age at the resort is 95 years old +. We are really the only young people here... Hey, I like it even one bugging me! Tonight we are going to check out the hotel bars and do some taste

Kisses from Costa Rica! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : February 08, 2004

| Sunday, February 08, 2004
I could not sleep last night. I am really excited to go on my vacation today. Costa Rica here I come. I have all my shopping done for the trip...20 baithing suits, every sunblock known to man, and tons of cool casual clothes. It's funny I get clothes and Justin gets cameras and gear for the Men are silly. I can't wait to get there. I have a ton of events and things to see scheduled for the 2 weeks we are there! We will be taking a ton of pictures and video for everyone to see. Justin wants to shoot a Wild In Costa Rica while we are there...does he not understand what the word Vacation means? Whatever it will be fun. Dangerous, I found the Itunes music store online for the Ipod yesterday! So, we will have cool tunes for the trip.(I purchased over 100 tunes) Those Ipods are soooo cool. Too bad macs suck, hehehee. We have 2 macs, they look really cool but are hard to use for me bc I am so used to PC's. Ok, I have a little work to finish up on the book this morning before I head off to ...COSTA RICA!!!!