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Jenna Jameson Diary : January 19, 2005

| Wednesday, January 19, 2005
WOOOOOOF...cramps!! This will be a nice day of being laid up in pain! Not my fav day. I had such a great weekend I knew something would come up! LOL. We have been going over our production schedule for the year and it is going to be pretty insane. We are looking at a few new girls to sign as a Club Jenna Girl... so we need to sched in their allotted movies for the year. Justin sits there tossing a coin regarding adding more girls to the fold...basically because it really means a ton more work for him! Our company is in the growth and expansion mode right now...which is always like a chess match. We really want to uphold the quality of our product and not turn into another studio putting out 10 movies of crap a month. Justin can only do so many, I am going to direct a few...wooohoooo, and we have a few other people we will be using. So, we are all really excited. I think we are opening an office in LA to help in the production process. What else is going on..... our wireless company is starting to take off, that’s pretty cool. i think its really important to be ahead of the technology curve. Its been a pain in the ass and the last place we will be live will be in the good ole conservative USA. We will be adding a section on the tour for people to download pics, screensavers, moantones, video clips, etc. We are also working on our virtual product...which is ridiculous!! Wait until you see this, I think we are launching it on Valentines day. We will be unveiling some stuff in 2005 that will blow your minds...oh just wait!!!! OK, back to the couch I go! Have an awesome day!

Kisses, JJ