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Jenna Jameson Diary : April 15, 2005

| Friday, April 15, 2005
I am officially hung over... definitely moving a little slower than usual this morning. Last night we had our Club Jenna part y announcing our new contract girls. We celebrated the occasion at the El Centro Bar in Hollywood. We had a huge red carpet event set up and had a lot of press cover the party. It was soooo crowded... the turn out was amazing. I, as well as all the girls, drank a bit tooo much. But, we all had a blast. i am soo lucky with the contract girls we picked. They are all amazingly beautiful and above all are nice, cool girls. It's great to see that they all get along. I was really worried about that because we feel that we are a family and I want to make sure the girls get along and genuinely like each other. The girls have a chat to do today for Flirt 4 Free. All 5 of them! It should be crazy crazy!!! I have a meeting and some prepp to do. Time to take some aspirin...

Kisses, JJ