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Jenna Jameson Diary : June 14, 2004

| Tuesday, June 14, 2005
I am now safely home from my Erotica LA weekend. It seemed very rushed and came upon me quickly since I have been so preoccupied with other things. Thank god I have people like Linda and my super Husband, Jay! They took the edge off all the hard work that went into bangin the doors off the convention! We rolled in there, and kicked ass! It was the first signing convention for Sophia, and she did resllly well handling the spotlight, and of course all the other girls shined like the super stars they are. Even though most of them were sick, including me! The first day was nice, my line was big, but not out of control, so I told myself... this may be easier than I thought! By the time Saturday rolled around, I was super confident I wasn't going to have carpel tunnel. I was wrong!!!!!!!!!! My line was about five people wide and stretched to the back of the whole convention! I was a little worried but incredibly proud that everyone came out to show support. So, a big thanks to all of you for showing so much love!

I got to see quite a few of my friends, which I hardly ever get to see. belladonna came over to the booth and I gave her a big kiss, she looked amazing! Teagan came to see me also, and I asked her if she really was prego, and she said yes! Four month along, and she wasn't even showing. She looked so happy and healthy... I am elated for her, and wish her nothing but pure happiness. She deserves it all!

All in all it was a grand time... Hope to see you there next year! :)

Luv you all, Jenna


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