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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 05, 2005

| Tuesday, July 05, 2005
We arrived home on Sunday night and passed out immediately! It was a long day of traveling, we had a seven hour flight from Puerto Rico to LA, then a 2 hour wait at LAX, then the flight to AZ. I was just wanting to see my dogs and feel my 1000 thread count sheets. Ugh, I'm spoiled...

Anyway, the fourth rolled around, and we decided to take our boat out to Lake Pleasant... I should have known it was a bad idea, with Jay's bad luck and all...

We got out there, and everyone is staring at out boatand taking pics, because it is covered with graphics of beautiful girls... So we jet off across the lake, and all of a sudden the boat craps out. (OF friggin course) Jameson Luck!!!!!!!!

So we try to get the engine cover off, because the hydraulics went out... it was taking a few minutes, when all of a sudden we look down and we are standing in 4 inches of water!!!!!!!!!!! We were sinking! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh

I flagged someone down to tow us in while Jay bailed out the boat consistantly for an hour while we crept towards the marina... Good thing we got help, because that picture inducing boat would be at the bottom of the lake!!!!!!!!!! That was my fourth ! LOL

Kisses, JJ