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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 11, 2005

| Thursday, August 11, 2005
Holy Shiiiaaattttt! I am soooore, between my trainer shredding me in the gym(did I say shredding, I meant mutilating)and the car accident, I am almost immobile. Wow, my body is wrecked, but I liek it in a sick way. I looove going to the gym, it is my new addiction. Abby is my trainer, he is an amazingly talented trainer and really really puts me through the grind. I think I am getting a bit agro because of the diet I am on. We all know I am a carb junky... I have cut down my carbs to a minimum. I have been a bit on the short tempered side...I lost it yesterday on Jay for no reason...I need to apologize. I really need to control myself a bit better. I think i will be better because i had some ice cream yesterday after dinner...heheheheee. I had to, we had sushi at Stingray and they have a great fried green tea ice cream dessert. Today we have to do voice over work for a 100 different things including my commentaries for the Devil and Miss Jones movie and Jenna Loves Pain. We launch our new wireless site, , today. Its super cool... download me to you phone, how can you go wrong, lol. Ok, it's cardio time.

Get that body worked out Biaaatches, JJ