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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 13, 2005

| Saturday, August 13, 2005
Okie Dokie... I am having someone type for me because my arms are like sweet nooodles! LOL! Jenna Jameson...Work Out Queen; that has a nice ring to it. I have really never really worked out in my life, especially not like this. Abay has lost his mind...he puts me thru the works, and I never quit, ever. Once I put my mind to something nothing will stop me! I am focused and determined to be on the cover of muscle and fitness this year, heheheheheheee ....come on it would be funny.

I took Joli and Carmen into the Vet's yesterday to get spayed. Poor little dogs are soo groggy now. Surgeries are always hard. Carmen is sooo small; she is having a hard time snapping out of it. She hates being high, so she is constantly fighting it. It's kind of funny....she just sits up, all stiff as a board, ears half mast and tries to sober herself. Then the eyes start to close down, body still stiff....eyes closing more , then the sleeping Carmen stick is in full effect! Poor little dog. Joli on the other hand is a full on junky.

Today I have a meeting down at the club to go over the remodel and talk with the designer. I am very excited about the project. We are designing a really high end amazing club. After the meeting, to the gym I go for a nice hour or so of cardio. After that I have nooo plans, maybe go to the club tonight to chill and get a few lap dances!

Have a great day everyone! JJ