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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 17, 2005

| Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Ok, stuff has been crazy here regarding the strip club. The media posted a few blurbs about myself owning a strip club in town...uh, here comes the witch hunt! Unreal, the club has been there for almost 30yrs! All of a sudden there is a problem with it. I had 8 protestors outside the club last night. It's funny, I spoke with many biz owners and residents in the neighborhood and they were extremely excited that we were going to clean up the place and attract a higher end clientele. I am so sick of the constant uphill battle because of my career choice; it starts getting old after awhile. You would figure as society progresses that there would be less and less of these ultra conservative moral crusades; but, again I was wrong! Its always the one in 200000000 that creates all the fuss and puts un-needed stress on society. I guess that's what happens when you have nothing to do in your life; you have a lot of time on your hands...oh, and want attention! I know there isn't enough stuff going on in the world and that the club will really disturb everyone in society soooo much. Don't worry about the war, the exorbitant gas prices, people starving in Africa, Gaza Strip getting cleared out, our poor educational system, the lack of family in society, and the new fall fashions (lol).

Kisses, JJ


Juanito Guerrillero said...


I understand your frustration. I always thought that a minority always makes a big fuss. Why is that? Because they are very vocal.

What to do about it? Fight back, in my opinion.

I've been thinking about this awhile. I really bothers me those programs, like E!'s Howard Stern, for example, or the same networks Wild On, in which they censor the bad words and the partial nudity which, after all, is happening in the real world. Every time this happens, a network of people would complain to the network and the fcc about the infringement of the right to free speech in the ill of Rights, after all, what are children doing up after 12 am?

This is just an idea. Politicians are very sensitive to the public's opinion, but us people who would like a society free of sexual hangups are not as vocal as the extreme religious right. That is the problem. For every hundreds of complaints against Janet Jackson showing a boob on national TV, thousands would complain -consistently- againts self censorship of the media. The politicians would suddenly realize the tide is different than what they thought it was.

Just an idea. Maybe there are more areas in which this movement could be applied.

I thought commenting this here because I really admire all the work you have made to make porn acceptable and safer. Of course you are also beautifull, but I think you are also bright.

what do you think?


ps. I am just starting a blog in spanish (sorely needed) about pornography. First I'm getting through all the legalities so, although not a pornographic site, I don't get in trouble.

The Cynical Villian!! said...

Best thing to do is do what makes you happy. The moral right are going to always find something wrong with everything. Do what you like and to hell with those who got their negative, moralistic I'm holier than thou attitude. Fight back as one person say. And do your thing. Trust me, there are millions that will back your cause to the hilt.