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Jenna Jameson Diary : August 22, 2005

| Monday, August 22, 2005
We had a great weekend! Other than the non stop stories in the paper surrounding Babes, my strip club, it was a very nice weekend. I have a new love for board games! I have always hated playing any type of game with friends, mainly because I am super super (did I say SUPER?) competitive! It usually doesn't end with me being nice, lol. Well, I think I have either matured or just enjoyed the group of friends that I was playing with. We played Trivial Pursuit, Boggle, and Scene It. I had a blast!!!!!! It was really fun; it was a nice change to going out or being a couch potato and watching TV. Our friend Holt is the trivial master...almost made it unfair, Jay is horrible with trivia! Boggle was a blast, it was my first time playing the game...of course I won, hehehehheeee.

Today I have some busy work to do for the club and then get ready to head off to LA tomorrow. I have to shoot over the next few days with William. We are going to be shooting 4 box covers for upcoming movies. I have a few meetings on Thursday and then back home on Friday. I am back into the swing of things, which is always nice. On that note, I am off to the gym for a nice morning of cardio torture, lol.

Smooches, JJ