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Jenna Jameson Diary : September 04, 2005

| Sunday, September 04, 2005
Woooohoooo! I got a new Mac computer. I am super excited. We went to the Mac store today because Jay needed another monitor for some new edit machine he bought for the bay. I started to play with the new macs...and , hehehe, ok I could I resist! I got a new iMac and an iBook. I am going to be a Mac-Chick! I use my computer for 4 things...browse the net, shop, email, and photoshop...the most labor intensive- photoshop. Mac's fly thru photoshop and it is just so ez to use all the peripheral stuff they have. I got the camera for iChat...ok how coool is that??? Answer- VERY! So, those of you that have iChat and a cam, we can have a little video conference. mmm mmm mmm. I think it will be a great device for me to get a nice visual of my hot girlfriends as I...mmmmm. Hehehheee. We got some cool programs to load up, so i am going to go help set up the computer! I will let you know how my learning curve goes.

JJ * I definitely need to get a 2 button mouse!