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Jenna Jameson Diary : September 27, 2005

| Tuesday, September 27, 2005
I think I have a new obsession....... The MTV show Laguna Beach. I started watching it, because I thought the lead girl Kristen was interesting... not intellectually, but star factor wise... I am now officially a junkie. I love the way they structure the show like a soap, but it is real life. Also, the music is divine.I am not sure if I would want my kid to be like them, but it certainly takes me back to my days of back stabbing high school. These girls are BRUTAL. Oh, not to mention the guys that think they are complete players... I might have a problem with Alex too, since she comes off like such a bully!

Can you tell, I may have a problem? LOL

Anyway, my week has been filled with press and pre-planning. The movie has come together and the press release has been sent... all that is left is making it, which I am quite nervous about. I guess I am always nervous when I do something for the first time. I feel pretty confident since I am in love with control... and directing is such a power trip... is that bad? HMMMM.

LOL, Jenna