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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 16, 2005

| Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Home sweet home... well, at least for a day! We got back home last night; there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed! The 2 days of shooting was a bit on the taxing side. It's hard with all the girls there and I have to model as well. I just wish everyone could come to work and leave their personal problems at home. The girls don't have to work that often, so, when they have too- I expect them to be 110% and ready to work. We are super lucky with the group of Club Jenna girls, but there is always some drama- it's unavoidable! Carl was amazing, he didn't stop, complain, or even take a break the whole 2 days- he was a machine. The pictures were beyond amazing. I am super excited to see the finish product. Our group shots were just breathe taking. Today, I have a couple of meetings, dealing with all the crap at the club and then I have to get ready to head out of town tomorrow for the XBiz awards. I will try and give a more in depth recap and upload some images from the shoot.

Until then... smooches Jenna


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Jenna, how does a blog like yours not have hundreds of comments... guys too shy to type?

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